Turmeric Root: Favourite Staff Recipes

I’m not saying I’m a gold[en milk]-digger… Okay- glad I got that out of my system. Now for the serious stuff. Turmeric. You have probably heard mutterings of this little root all over the streets and inter webs. We’ve certainly been singing of its benefits around the shop! Curcumin, the key active ingredient in turmeric, provides the […]

V is for…

Vinegar Vinegars, a key component when cooking and of the most valuable flavour enhancers in your cupboard. These acids are responsible for tenderizing your proteins, keeping fruit from browning and making delicious vinaigrettes. We love to use the Organic Balsamic Vinegar with Organic Olive Oil as a dip for the artisan bread. It is so […]

U is for …

UGG! It has nothing to do with the boots…Ugg Foods provide us with some Paleo friendly baking mixes. When you do Paleo, you tend to stay away from grains and pulses, making baking a little challenging as you are essentially a complicated gluten free baker. These mixes have a small list of “Just add” on […]

Parsnip Puree

Our Organic Parsnips have been so popular. Parsnip is a really under-used root vegetable, so we want to change that. Here is a recipe for parsnip mash, easy, delicious and you will never go back to mash potato…(Paleo people rejoice!). Parsnip Puree 3 Large Parsnips, washed and Peeled, in rough dice 1 TB of Whole […]

Courgette Noodles

Noodles make for a great, easy meal in a pinch, so you should always have some in your cupboard. We have some organic Thai Rice Noodles, Buckwheat Noodles, Soba Noodles and Brown Rice Udon Noodles as well. A great selection. Did you know you can also make noodles out of organic veg? Courgette Noodles 3 […]

K is for…

Kombucha Kombucha is a naturally fermented tea made with a live culture called a scobie. The scobie eats up all the sugar and produces a naturally probiotic, sparkling tea beverage. We carry 4 flavours, Ginger, Original, Raspberry and Elderflower, and Will Berry. Come on in and pick up a bottle of the refreshing, gut balancing […]

Tomato Marinara

Tomato Marinara (For use on pizza or as a delicious pasta sauce) 4 Cloves Garlic 1 TB Coconut Oil 1 Tsp Oregano 1 1/4 Cup Passata / 1 Can Organic Chopped Tomato + 1 TB Tomato Puree Melt coconut oil in a medium sauce pan. Add minced garlic and sauté until fragrant (2-3 minutes), do […]

G is for…

Goat At Heart Space Whole Foods we love our cow’s milk alternatives. We stock a variety of goat products from the delicious Delamere Dairy like Firm Goat’s Cheese, Spreadable Goat Cheese, Butter and Milk. A selection of our Goat products in store. Goat’s milk has less of the proteins that people with cow’s milk intolerance […]

The A to Z of Heart Space Whole Foods

Over the next 26 days, Heart Space Whole Foods will be giving you an A to Z guide of some of our produce in the shop and some information about how to use/cook/eat/enjoy them! Like our posts and share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, let’s get talking about good, whole food! Tag us in your posts […]

Heart Space Whole Foods Is Now Open!

After months of preparation, sourcing suppliers and organic products we are delighted to open the doors and let you in!   We are open from 10am today until 6.30pm. In future, our opening times are 9.30am-6.30pm Monday to Saturday.   Get in today to pick up some of our grass-fed, free range eggs, organic vegetables, […]