What’s New

We have been shifting crates, re-arranging shelves and talking to our customers and suppliers to find out what new things you might want in and we have a selection to show you!

Pumpkin Soup

In our third Pumpkin recipe of the season, we have a very easy Pumpkin Soup. It is so creamy and delicious! You can find our pumpkin pasta and pumpkin pie recipes through the blog!

Miso Soup

We stock a couple of different kinds of Miso at the shop. We have classic paste (see the recipe below) and some instant soups. Miso Tasty is made down in England and has been very popular with its various flavours. Finlay knows the family having spent 1 month with the producer’s mother in Capetown in […]

Curried Cream of Broccoli Soup

This is a staple in our kitchen when we need some greens and if our stomachs are feeling a little off. The bone broth, combined with the fresh ingredients makes for a group healing soup for anyone that is ill or just hungry! Ingredients 1kg broccoli, don’t forget to use the stalks. 4 leeks, well […]