We LOVE baking. And we want you to bake too! We want you to make cake that doesn’t have guilt attached to it and the occasional decadent treat.  (Did you know that word association survey was taken for different countries around cake and dessert and France’s most popular answer was “Celebration” and the UK’s was “guilt.”) We have all the ingredients you could need to bake from bread to completely grain free cakes and puddings. Stocking a range of grain-free (Biona Organic Coconut Flour, Chestnut Flour and Sukrin Almond Flour)and a wall-to-wall selection wheat and gluten free flours from Dove’s Farm for all of your baking and bread making needs (including sourdough starters). Make your week healthier by making your own treats, knowing exactly what you put into them. We also have fresh Medjool dates from Zaytoun, unrefined sugars and raw rainforest honeys, Syrups (including coconut nectar, date syrup, light and dark agave syrup, maple syrup and molasses) Organic sweet spices, fresh free range  and organic eggs, extracts and flavours, dried fruit and healthier confectionery choices.

Baking is easy and satisfying and a great way to get the kids involved and interested in what they are eating. We have lots of recipe ideas to make sure what they get is more healthful than harmful. Pick up ethically produced baking paper, baking cups and muffin cases in the shop from IfYouCare. If baking from scratch doesn’t fit in with your schedule, pick up on of our Paleo Cake Mixes from Ugg Foods or some of our ready to make bread mixes.