The Big Detox

The Big Detox

I recently completed a 14 day detox as I was feeling tired and achy and was finding it difficult to shift those few pounds I had put on after overindulging a little (OK a lot!) over the Christmas holidays. I felt my memory and concentration were much worse than normal and I wasn’t sleeping too well, not to mention the black bags under my eyes! Basically, I was looking and feeling like crap, and needed to detox and get back on track to my usual healthier lifestyle and feel great again.


Most of us probably associate a detox with deprivation, starvation, colonic irrigation or any other ~ations that sound bad! However, if done the right way, a detox is all about delicious, healthy food that will make you feel amazing and really reboot your metabolism.


So, why should we detox?

We live in a toxic world and, unless you live in a bubble, you are exposed to many toxins on a daily basis. In fact, according to a 2004 study led by the Environmental Working Group in America, even unborn babies are exposed to an average of 200 industrial chemicals and pollutants via the umbilical cord.


Add to this, bad diet and lifestyle choices, medications, pollution from traffic, chlorine and fluoride in water, insecticides, herbicides, solvents, metals, mold, radiation, etc. and it’s easy to see how toxicity can build up in our bodies and make us feel rubbish. Although our bodies do a great job of detoxing, the constant exposure to so many toxins can overload our bodily systems, leading to poor detoxification and ultimately chronic diseases, such as diabetes, arthritis and heart disease.


But, don’t panic! You can do something about it. You can go on a detox to keep your body in tip-top shape and help in the prevention of chronic disease. Think of it like a factory reset, that will give you a kick start back towards good health and make you feel incredible.


Common signs and symptoms that you need a detox

If you suffer from any of the below symptoms, then you may well be in need of a detox.

  • Tiredness
  • Headaches
  • Aches and pains in your muscles
  • Overweight and/or difficulty losing weight
  • Brain fog, poor short term memory and concentration
  • Bloating, constipation, diarrhea
  • Bad breath, bitter taste
  • Food allergies or intolerances
  • Skin issues
  • Asthma
  • Stress
  • PMS
  • Depression, anxiety or mood swings
  • Recurrent infections

The list could go on and on.


What the detox programme involved

The detox I completed was Nutri Advanced’s 14 Day NutriClean Programme, which targets the liver, one of our detoxification organs. It is a great place to begin your journey towards optimal health and feeling and looking fantastic.


The programme consisted of eating three meals per day and two snacks. All meals needed to be prepared from scratch so a bit of planning was necessary and preparation was key. Lots of delicious recipes were provided, such as roast cod on spiced puy lentils, stuffed chicken breast, chickpea and cauliflower curry, spicy beanburgers, quinoa tabbouleh and lots of soups. The recipes were quick and easy to prepare and you could create your own recipes provided you stuck to the food list provided. The food list is designed with foods to support the liver as well as low allergenic or intolerant foods. So, foods such as wheat, gluten, dairy and eggs were not allowed on the programme as they can be allergenic foods. There were plenty of other tasty foods to enjoy and I never felt hungry.


A typical day on the programme might include:-

  • Breakfast – Quinoa granola (which I made in advance) with almond milk and berries.
  • Mid-morning – UltraClear Plus pH shake (one of the supplements you take on the programme).
  • Lunch – Chicken salad or quinoa tabbouleh or soup, all of which could be made in advance ready to be lifted out of the fridge.
  • Mid-afternoon – apple and pumpkin seeds or homemade guacamole with vegetable crudités. You could prep a few days worth in advance and keep it in the fridge on hand for snack times or ready to lift out and take to work.
  • Dinner – grilled chicken, salmon or venison with roasted or steamed organic vegetables or chickpea curry with rice.


There were a lot of supplements to take throughout the day but after a couple of days you got into the routine of taking them. Half way through the detox there was a 3 day liquid only section where you were only allowed to have soups or juices. This was to take the energy away from digestion and to focus on the liver, supporting all the liver detoxification pathways.


The Results

Now for the bit that everyone wants to know…..the results!


Prior to starting the detox, I completed a medical symptoms questionnaire. This listed lots of symptoms and I had to rate each one on a scale of 0 to 4. The higher the score the worse your symptoms were. I completed the same questionnaire after the detox and my score dropped by a gobsmacking 25 marks!


I lost a whopping 11 pounds (5 kilos) in weight. I also lost 2 inches (5cm) from my waist and 2 inches from my hips. My clothes fitted much better and I was able to tighten my belt a whole 4 notches tighter! My BMI also dropped by 2 points. I had no cravings at all and by the end of the first week I didn’t feel like I wanted or needed to eat nearly as much as I normally do.


Not going into too much detail, my digestion improved dramatically with no bloating or gas at all! The pain I had in my knee and back prior to the detox vanished. I was sleeping much better and waking up feeling refreshed and well rested. The black bags under my eyes improved a lot and my skin was much clearer and not as dry as it was before. I felt much more alert and on the ball and my energy levels increased by a huge amount.


All in all, I felt great at the end of the 14 days, and it really did give me that kick start I needed back onto the road to optimum health.


I would love to help you to feel and look amazing and get you on track to better health too. So, if you suffer from any of the symptoms mentioned above and would like more information regarding the food, recipes and supplements included in this detox programme then please email me at I offer a free preliminary 20-minute telephone consultation to give you the opportunity to ask any questions before deciding if a detox or nutritional therapy is for you.


Written by:

Louise McNeish

Nutritional Therapist




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