Thanksgiving Giving

This time of year is one of my favourites for inviting friends over, spending all day (usually days) cooking and preparing and having my fridge and oven bursting with food to share. One of my greatest pleasures is seeing my friends enjoy good food.
Here is a compilation of recipes from our archives with seasonal selections for a thanksgiving day celebration (which I usually just switch over to Christmas too!).

Happy cooking!



Pumpkin Soup – Recipe

Main Meal

Festive Wellington

Holiday Wellington – Recipe

Mushroom Roast Turkey (From the guys at Paleo Leap) – Recipe

Side Dishes

cornbread stuffing

Corn Bread Stuffing – Recipe

Cocoa Roasted Cauli – Recipe

Garlic Roasted Sprouts – Recipe

Parsnip Puree – Recipe



Pumpkin Pie – Recipe

Cranberry and Orange Loaf – Recipe


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