Gluten Free

At Heart Space Whole Foods we are delighted to have a very diverse selection of Gluten Free products and alternatives.

Gluten Intolerance is on the rise but products containing gluten still dominate the market. It can be difficult when eating out or travelling to find anything, so we have made a real point to source lots of things ourselves. A large part of the paleo movement is the avoidance of gluten and grains, which leads a lot of gluten free folks to adopt the paleo method.

We have sourced artisan made, fresh gluten free bread and rolls rather than the frozen batch stuff. Our products come from a Scottish producer called Findlaters. This company also supply us with a great selection of pates, dips and spreads all suitable for coeliacs.

Along with bread we have gluten free: Pasta, Bread mixes, Oats, Porridge, Flour, Sprouted Breads, Sweet Treats, Cereals (Including Paleo cereals) and baking essentials like breadcrumbs and leavening agents.


So no matter your dietary needs, you can find something at Heart Space Whole Foods and even if you don’t have anything like that, gluten free bread is much easier to digest that the gluten rich bread! It’s win-win!

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