On The Farm

Last weekend the Heart Space Whole Foods team went to visit the Great Outdoor Eggs farm for a tour. We were so excited to go and meet the hens that have been giving us eggs the last few months. We are passionate about pasture reared chickens, hens that get to roam freely outside (Even “free range” doesn’t mean they are outside). In the back of the pick up on a snowy day north of Dundee near Eassie we started our visit and drop down to one of the large fields in the valley.

IMG_8564 copy

This is a special creation by Andrew, our egg farmer. This is a modified cassis from a caravan with a polytunnel on top. This is moved around the field so that the chickens can scratch and munch in different places. After about 2 days it gets really muddy from the chickens walking about. You can see them at the bottom keeping out of the wind, so we went in to see them.


The chickens are so familiar with human contact that they were quite happy to be picked up and snapped by our camera. Inside the mobile chicken wagon there are perches for the chickens to roost and hatches so that they can get back outside and have access to water. There is a little shaded coop to lay eggs down one side, some of the girls were getting down to business.


Molly was along and loved to meet the chickens and see their roosts. We had to pick this one up as it was picking at our shoes and clothes, which seemed to something that the others emulated!


These chickens get to spend all day outside in the sun, eating grubs and insects (which really changes the nutritional component of the eggs) and can easily take shelter when it is windy or rainy (they really don’t like wind, they blow away!). This is what makes the Great Outdoor Eggs at Heart Space Whole Foods so special. If you haven’t tried them yet, come on down and pick up a box.

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