G is for…

At Heart Space Whole Foods we love our cow’s milk alternatives. We stock a variety of goat products from the delicious Delamere Dairy like Firm Goat’s Cheese, Spreadable Goat Cheese, Butter and Milk.
A selection of our Goat products in store.
A selection of our Goat products in store.
Goat’s milk has less of the proteins that people with cow’s milk intolerance have difficulty with and can usually have goat milk without the problematic symptoms. Goat Milk has smaller fat globules, making it easier to digest and makes for a softer, smoother quality (and we do love our fats!).  Importantly, Goat Milk acts as a prebiotic, similar to human milk, that can help the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. So for a happy gut, why not try Goat Milk?
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