U is for …

UGG! It has nothing to do with the boots…Ugg Foods provide us with some Paleo friendly baking mixes. When you do Paleo, you tend to stay away from grains and pulses, making baking a little challenging as you are essentially a complicated gluten free baker. These mixes have a small list of “Just add” on […]

Scrambled Tofu

Tofu is a huge vegan staple to get the protein content of meals up and to give a great rich consistency to desserts, puddings and even smoothies. In addition to the above, we also have firm, Caldron Tofu in our chillers. Below is a recipe from Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s book, Vegan Brunch for Scrambled Tofu. […]

S is for…

Sourdough Our Sourdough bread has been flying off the shelves whenever we get it in, you just can’t get enough of it! This is one of our incredible artisan breads that we get in from the award winning G H Barnetts and Son from Cellardyke in Fife. Barnett’s choose the best ingredients and traditional preparation by hand […]

Chocolate Rice Pudding

We have so many different kinds of rice for all of your needs! With Organic Risotto rice to Organic Brown Basmati, we can get you cooking in no time. Below is a yummy Vegan recipe for chocolate rice pudding, you can keep it in the fridge, but that is not going to happen… Chocolate Rice […]

Pineapple Quinoa

Quinoa is the high protein South American grain. Quinoa can be made a day or two in advance and stored in the fridge to add as an evening stir fry for a quick and easy meal.  We stock British Grown Quinoa and Organic Quinoa including red and black Quinoa. Pineapple Quinoa 1 Cup Quinoa 1 […]

Keen on Nut Butters?

At Heart Space Whole Foods we stock a pretty great selection of nut butters and it has just grown even more! We have four new Keen nut butters to add to our spread. Hazlenut with extremely dark chocolate Almond Vanilla Almond and dark chocolate Almond cinnamon This nut butter is produced in the UK and […]

Parsnip Puree

Our Organic Parsnips have been so popular. Parsnip is a really under-used root vegetable, so we want to change that. Here is a recipe for parsnip mash, easy, delicious and you will never go back to mash potato…(Paleo people rejoice!). Parsnip Puree 3 Large Parsnips, washed and Peeled, in rough dice 1 TB of Whole […]

O is for…

Oats! In store we stock lots of oat based and oat products for you. We have oatmeal for making a fine porridge or oatcake to jumbo oats for making delicious treats like flapjacks or oatmeal cookies. We also hunted around and managed to find some Organic Gluten Free Oats! Isn’t that great? Like our posts […]

Courgette Noodles

Noodles make for a great, easy meal in a pinch, so you should always have some in your cupboard. We have some organic Thai Rice Noodles, Buckwheat Noodles, Soba Noodles and Brown Rice Udon Noodles as well. A great selection. Did you know you can also make noodles out of organic veg? Courgette Noodles 3 […]

Miso Soup

We stock a couple of different kinds of Miso at the shop. We have classic paste (see the recipe below) and some instant soups. Miso Tasty is made down in England and has been very popular with its various flavours. Finlay knows the family having spent 1 month with the producer’s mother in Capetown in […]