Burns Night In The Bag

With Burns night coming up on the 25th of January we thought we would help out my giving you all you need to make a delicious, traditional burns supper in one bag!

Sweet Potato Hash

When I am in a rush and need to put something on the table, I reach for the sweet potatoes that I keep in constant supply in the cupboard. If you have a food processor (if you don’t, you really should look into that. Not everything needs to be so difficult) this will take about […]

Roasted Butternut Squash

Roasted Butternut Squash with Coriander Seeds (Or any Seed/Spice Mix) Further to our post about having a Meat Free Day once a week, we bring you some great suggestions for inviting other veg onto your plate! This is one of my favourites. I will take butternut squash anyway it’s given! If you aren’t a fan […]

Get some more Veg on your plate

One Meat Free Day It sounds like the start of a story… You may have seen in the press (BBC News) over the last couple of days that the recommendation for health but also for environmental health is that we aim for at least one day per week of having a vegetable/plant based meal. At […]