Oils and Condiments


Do you think that vegetable oil and seed oils are made by massaging kale and seeds or by squeezing them gently until they release their oils? These are actually highly processed with chemical solvents and full of omega 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (these are not good for you). These oils are usually so unstable that even when stored at room temperature, they oxidise and turn rancid.

Instead, choose healthy saturated fats that remain stable. Don’t worry about the term saturated. This doesn’t mean artery clogging, it means it is more chemically stable.  Choose ghee, rendered animal fats, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil and extra virgin olive oil (used cold).

The fats you use can really make the dish. Here at Heart Space Whole Foods we have a wide selection of olive oils, nut oils, coconut oils and rendered animal fats to give each dish a unique taste. Along side this are the vinegars, a key component when cooking and of the most valuable flavour enhancers in your cupboard. These acids are responsible for tenderizing your proteins, keeping fruit from browning and making delicious vinaigrettes.

You will also find a selection of delicious pickles, preserves, pastes and sauces.