Fruit and Veg


Our ancestors often ate every edible part of any plant they could find and used many methods of preparation to keep dishes interesting. Plants can be divided into 7 main sections: tubers, bulbs, roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits.

It is best to eat local produce that is in season- both for your body and for the environment. Our fruit and veg is the very best from local organic growers. Due to being on a relatively small and chilly island, we must bring some items in from other parts of the world so that you can have some of the foods you love and that make up a large part of our diet throughout the year.

Our Organic produce comes from Bellfield Organic Nursery in Abernethy, Fife. We have been out to visit this farm and were fortunate enough to see all of the seed bed preparation areas, the vegetables and meet all the people that are using best land practices to ensure a truly delicious crop for you to enjoy.